A second TV-in-Taxis company, Cabtivate, will soon be taking to the roads of the capital after the installation of their system was approved by the PCO. The Cabtivate system - which will provide drivers with additional income by showing content such as adverts, music videos and film trailers is already used by cabbies in Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester, Birmingham and Bristol - has now has been given the thumbs up by Penton Street inspectors to begin fitting in Licensed London Taxis.
The London launch is scheduled for later this year after proving a huge hit with drivers, passengers and advertisers in those other cities around the country. Cabtivate claim that their system is unique because the content is controlled remotely via the company’s servers and updated at the touch of a button using satellite technology and because the content is updated in that way, it makes the system completely tamperproof and won’t distract the driver - unlike DVD or disk-based systems.
   Mark Greenhalgh, Cabtivate MD, told Call Sign that he was delighted to be able to bring the 


unique system to London taxis for
the first time and predicted it would very quickly prove a hit with the city’s licensed cabbies.
   He added: "We are delighted to have received this approval from the PCO, it marks a very important step in our rollout across the country and I’m confident the system will prove just as popular with drivers in London as it has everywhere else we have rolled it out. The system is so far ahead of anything else out there and the fact that it has already proved such a success in
places like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Manchester also stands us in great stead, because drivers and advertisers recognise that we are not a flash in the pan and that we are here for the long haul. London is the next big phase of this growth."
   The Cabtivate system, which runs content on timed loops depending on the length of the average taxi journey in a city, involves installing a flat screen mounted onto the partition behind the driver’s seat, with content being remotely updated as many times a day as required. It can also be updated when a taxi is
passing a specific location – for
instance it could run film trailers when passing a cinema, or shopping ads while passing a department store.
   Dozens of big-name advertisers currently use the system across the country, with many more queuing up to buy space – particularly since the system received that PCO approval.
   Cabtivate has also revealed a tie-up that allows a leasing company to buy the equipment and rent it to taxi drivers who are interested in having the system fitted. The deal means that rather than having to shell out to buy the system up front, drivers can sign up for a rental deal. That way, Cabtivate make the monthly payments for the system and drivers simply receive monthly commission from advertising revenue.
   Cabtivate also insures the system against third party, fire and theft and it comes with a four year parts and labour warranty - so there are never any costs to the driver.
   Drivers who would like to enquire about having the system installed or are interested in becoming an agent should call Cabtivate on 0131 550 3777…

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